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President Honors

The previous video was a practice interview for this project.


    President honors is an award given by the head of each department at NOCCA to someone in their department. When I first learned that Walker had been awarded President Honors, I wasn't happy; I was scared.


    I knew that everyone in my class would have to make a documentary on a President Honors winner. I also knew that Mr. Webb liked to select things like this by random. This randomness bullshit, or as Mr. Webb puts it "Will of the Film Gods", has screwed me over more times than I can count. To put it lightly, I have been vocal about my problems with this method.


    I asked Mr. Webb if he would spare me from the "Film Gods" by letting me reserve the position to make Walker's documentary. Thankfully he allowed it.


    But then, halfway through post production, Mr. Webb says "But what if it was animated?". This made sense because Walker is an animator, but it was a little late in production for that change. We had only a week and a half before the film was due. So Mr. Webb volunteered to animate 240 frames for us. Over 6 arduous hours Mr. Webb made 48 frames. Meanwhile, I made about 180 frames in about 10 hours. Mr. Webb's frames didn't make the final cut.

Walker's War Stories

    Mr. Webb made us do a sync test the week before Mardis Gras beak 2018. We were given 4 days to make what takes 30 mins to shoot and 30 seconds to sync. I had nothing to do for 3 days. On the fourth day, Ms. Egan told the class everyone has to do it again because our audio levels were way too low. I was very vocal about my displeasure with this. I stayed late that day and when I checked out a T3i, 18-50mm lens, a Tascam, a boom and a shotgun mic, Ms. Egan asked what I was going to make. I told her "I'm making a sync test.". She thought I was joking.

New York Subway

    Another photo from the New York trip; this is in my top three from the whole trip. I think it perfectly captures the New York subway system.

The Comfort Diner

    I went to New York recently and found the Comfort Diner. It had a great atmosphere, but the food wasn't all that good. I couldn't find a single restaurant in New York that was as good as an average New Orleans restaurant. I took a lot of pictures of The Comfort Diner, but this is my favorite. There was actually an ambulance right outside that gave the diner the red reflections.

Light Pollution on the Lake

    I recently went camping in Fontainebleau State Park with some friends. I wanted to experiment with long exposure photography so at night I took out my camera and did a 5.5 min exposure overlooking Lake Pontchartrain. The  line going from Left to right is the Causeway and the large orange glow is New Orleans.


    A freshman in Media Arts at NOCCA named Evan designed this character for a bumper for the department's film fest. I asked him if I could try animating him. This is my take.

The Butterfly and I (2017)

    This was made as part of a collaboration between the Media Arts department and the Creative Writing department at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts.


    This was my first time working with Jackson Bein. Although there were some creative differences, I think the final product turned out well.


All in all it took about a month to make with two weeks in preproduction, a week of filming, with two reshoots, and a week in post. During preproduction we played with the idea of having a different shot for  each stage in the butterfly life cycle, but that idea got scrapped last minute. You probably didn't notice this, but the footage is actually the same two seconds reversed and repeated.

Ronnie The Reindeer (2016)

    This is another project I made for NOCCA. We wrote, shot, and edited this in just three short days. Mr. Webb, the head of the department, went to Hallmark, bought a bunch of cheesy Christmas stuff and told us to make a commercial for them. My group chose Ronnie the Reindeer, and I think it turned out well. There are one or two blurry shots, but we only had 2.5 hours to shoot.


    At 00:19, the voice over says "You'll never be this happy!" our voice actor, Sam Axelrod, misread the script which said "You've never been this happy!". I loved that mistake so much that I changed the script and we did another take.

Yakety Sax

    One day, while trying to find a 24 hour version of Yakety Sax, I realized there was an untapped market! My most viewed video to date!

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