Going into collage, I really wanted to reference elements of internet culture, as its art styles tend
to play with the remix in similar ways to collage. The meaning comes more from the visual metaphor of getting a blood transfusion from your phone rather than the composition of the elements within the frame itself.

For grunge, my main reference was Raygun magazine covers by David Carson. I wanted to communicate how the attention economy is bad for our mental health, as the chaotic style of grunge would fit well into that narrative.

With tactile, I wanted to experiment with focused light and projections. The idea was to focus not on the person or the device individually, but the relationship between the two.

I wanted to replicate the style of protest art, using the visual metaphor of comparing social media’s control over us to that of a prisoner - warden relationship.

The grid structure of the Swiss style plays well with data visualizations, so when I learned that my phone tracks various usage statistics, it seemed very fitting to use those in my design.

For this frame, the idea was to convey that the economic reasons behind the design choices of social media are intentionally hidden from public view.

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