Client Objectives:
1. It has to be abstract
2. Needs to follow a basic story archetype
3. Needs to be designed in-camera
4. Client notes must be followed 
Final Product
I thought about how can I get something to transform on its own, and I realized that playing with temperature differentials, either adding heat, or approaching ambient,  would meet that goal
Option-A First Pass
I made this by freezing four bricks of ramen noodles together, then putting them in a steamer basket with a towel under it to diffuse the steam. The idea was that the steam would soak the ramen transforming it from a hard brick to a pile of mush.
The part I didn't see coming though was the ramen and towel forming an air tight seal, trapping the steam inside. 
I left the stove for two minutes and heard something explode. I came to see what happened and there was ramen plastered over the entire kitchen! Turns out that's how you make a pressure bomb ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Option-A Second Pass
The story changed from Transformation to Ensemble, revealing unseen parts that give new meaning to the whole, partly because in critique I was told that my Transformation wasn't strong enough, and partly because I was hungry😅
I tried to use the macro lens I had to abstract the ingredients as much as possible, but I was still told it was too literal so I didn't end up going with Option-A.

Option-B First Pass
I had a much stronger idea going into Option-B 
For Alt-B, I filled a cup with some marbles, sea glass, and water then put it in the freezer overnight to solidify. My idea was that as the ice melts the marbles would fall off revealing the sea glass, until the whole thing crumbles.

The client liked this alt much more than the other one, but still had some notes:
1. Doesn't quite read as Transformation, try starting and ending with the same composition at different stages
2. Some shots don't fit the story, the composition makes the object feel large when it should feel small ex. Shot 12
Option-B Second Pass
At this point the client gave me some notes that I was a little hesitant to follow...
They still didn't think that it was working as Transformation, so they wanted me to completely re-edit it so the transformation would       happened in reverse. :\ 
I knew how I thought about that idea, but they're the client, so I gave a try anyway

Final Product
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